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Work Order Management

AvPro™ provides an optimum set of operational activities for MRO / Certified Repair Stations or Business Fleet Maintenance teams.

The Work Order Management application of both the FAA repair station software and aircraft work order software consists of a master screen which gives an overview where the user can quickly select and maintain any Work Order from the list, or filter the list to select any individual customer’s set of work orders.Using this software the Work Orders can be created for any/all Customer or Air Frame and classified by a set of user-defined identities, such as Quotes, Work Orders, Squawks, etc. to allow users to filter the database for each identity, if desired. By assigning a ‘status’ to each one, users are able to manage Open, Closed, ‘Un-Invoiced, or Voided as part of their management filtering criteria.

Use this Mini-Memory Barcode Scanner to Scan Parts (in Batches) Into and Out of Inventory and on to Work orders.

AVPro work order software for aviation
FAA Repair Station Software Organizing Tasks for Mechanics

Depending on the internal maintenance operations process, users of the aircraft work order software can produce detailed work order and task card documents to distribute to the mechanics to fill in as work is completed, or they can allow the mechanics to access the database from a shop floor workstation to enter task related details directly into the work order database, as work is done. Mechanics have their own user designed screens where they can use the application to enter work times, like that of a ‘time clock’ for both payroll activities from start of shift to end of shift or breaks. They can also use this same screen to identify the beginning and end of task card specific labor, including any comments associated with the task. This allows managers to capture, edit, and management reports on employee payroll labor time, and task level labor time/costs.


With the Aircraft work order software and FAA repair station software, a number of other management scheduling and reporting options are available, such as the ability to produce a log book sheet and fill in 8130-A forms, based on the task card management features of this application.

Work Order Management

The aircraft work order software is a comprehensive set of functions that brings a multitude of capabilities to the user’s finger tips. This includes the ability to see the complete account history of invoices, payment details, outstanding balance, and a five-year summary of key account details. Users of the FAA repair station software can use the master console to make Parts Quotes, requisition parts from the inventory manager, and place a work-order related parts order in the shopping cart for subsequent order by the purchasing manager. Managers can control miscellaneous charges, assignments of personnel (e.g. mechanics & inspectors), scheduling details, and each task level detail related to employee type for actual vs. billed hours and costs, if necessary.

Work Order Management Module Includes:
  • Create FAA Forms 337, 8130/ Canadian Form-1 /EASA forms, Log Book entries

  • Employee time clock feature - tracks payroll hours and time spent on W/O tasks

  • Generate employee barcode labels to punch in and out

  • Manage Tool Calibration History and Usage on Work Orders

  • Multiple Customer Contacts & Ship-to Facilities

  • Assign Customer Discounts and Mark-up percentages

  • Email Work Estimates, Customer Invoices, and Packing Slips

  • Supports Multiple Base/Site Locations

  • Track Work Orders by Aircraft ID, Part/Serial Number, or Both

  • Optional Work Order Task Cards

  • Calendar-like W/O scheduling screen by Mechanic, with reporting & email functionality

  • Track Routine & Non-routine tasks

  • Setup Unlimited Aircraft ID’s – Same Price!

  • Assign Multiple Aircraft ID’s to Individual Customers

  • Perfect for Aircraft Fleet Maintenance or Repair Stations

  • Attach Related Documents such as videos, pictures, PDF’s, etc. to any W/O or Task Card

  • Seamless Integration with Inventory Control module

  • Seamless Integration with Accounts Receivable and Full Accounting modules

  • POS Parts Sales

  • Scan Batches of Parts & Kits on to Work orders – Scanner Included!

  • Tracks Parts On/Off, Inventory Draws, Misc. parts, and Outside labor/parts

  • Track Mechanic Licenses, Certifications, Due dates

  • One-Click Repair History by Part & Serial Number

  • Parts Manual & CMM Manual references

  • Maintain standard work description templates

  • Ability to Copy work orders & task cards from templates

  • User Configurable Labor Rate Codes, or set up Specific Rates by Mechanic

  • Track Actual vs. Billable Labor Times

  • Robust W/O Reporting with data export to Excel and other formats

  • Track Maintenance Costs by Aircraft

  • Track Labor times by Mechanic, Work Order, Task Card

  • Track Work Orders by ATA code

  • Manage Mechanics Parts Requisitions

  • Flexible Work Order print formats, Customized formats also available

  • Easy to use, Intuitive, Large Screen Fonts, Highlighted colors for key information

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